Private Labels for Hair Care Products

Have you ever shopped online or even went to a grocery store and seen private named products? How cool would it be to create your own private label hair care products, that consists of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, styling products, and much more? Imagine walking through a store and you see your hair care product on the shelves selling. I have always wondered what steps were necessary in creating my own products. It isn’t as hard as it looks and you don’t have to be an engineer to create hair care products. It is actually very simple and easy. They’re called private label products.

Private label are products created by one company, but for sale under another company’s brand. The retailer will identify every single thing about the product like; what goes in it, how it is packaged, and what the label looks like, etc. The retailer will then pay to have the products produced and delivered to your store or wherever you choose to sell your products. Once your product begins to sell, you’ll begin to reap the benefits. Here are some great tips you can use to get started.

First, you want to brainstorm. Put your product ideas on paper, so you will have a clearer outlook on what you want to sell. Find out what items are trending and what items sell fast. Next, you will want to consider the size and weight of the product you’re going to sell. Once you decide on the product you want to sell, research the product to find out if it is worth selling. Then you will want to research product manufacturers and suppliers. The manufacturer and supplier will create and personalize your products for you. At this time you can also determine pricing, based on the suppliers charges. Determine your fulfillment strategy. Will you sell online using Amazon? Would you like for your product to sell in a physical store like Walmart or Sally’s? Last, advertise your product as much as you can. You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. You can even create flyers and pass them out at the mall or any shopping center. If it is a good product people will buy it. Check out some great tips here. They’re very useful and may help a lot.

Of course, you have your pros and cons just like any other product that sells. The pros to private label hair products is having the ability to maintain total control over your products. You’re able to control what goes in your products and how your product look. You also have control of the prices you want to charge, so that way you know you’re profiting from your products. I would say the only con I see in this is dealing with a manufacturer. When dealing with a manufacturer you have to set up meetings and also have to pay them for their service provided. Other than that starting a private label hair product is a piece of cake!

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